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Because of my pa-

ralysis, the doc-

tor said I shouldn’t

drink green tea SAT at

noon by the window.


Or feel inside my

father’s closet for

vintage porn because

my flashlight lost its

alkaline batteries.


Clothing by the thou-

sands sew themselves on

my body. There is

no safe place to touch

myself, he said, due


to my paralysis,

I can contract bees

in my belly b’tt’n.

Cannot rub my palms

against a cheese great-


er, even in jest

or as an act of

devotion! Because

of my paralysis

the tea kettle whist-


les at the postman

knocking on the door

of an empty apt.

throughout the month of

May, perhaps.


There’s a silver let-

ter op’ner tucked

inside a handk’rchief

I forgot because

of my paralysis.



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