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Gathered wood's migration

To ashen chrysalis--

No White harder

But for phase flash of charring.

Going to charcoal, tinder

Become wormwood--

Threading spontaneous interstices,

The Ancestral patterns of Ash.


A pitted fire,

Spotlit, insatiable feeder

Of old sun

In an alpine star chamber.

Summer-lean nights

Barely suppress favor

for Anonymous Blue Submission.


Other campers excel,

After a fashion,

At a burning all their own.

Just bleary, glassy looks

And more or less expressiveness

Face to Face


Trailing genealogical chains

Of mundane messaging.

This well before they test to ply

Gluey, vaporous mouths--

Deaf-Mutes cured each morning

Not in Martha's Vineyard.


Next to Sound

The Vacancy in their bellies.

How every ration is married

To its indirect, yawning want.


Their lowest voices'

Timbre pile

In ricocheted dopplers

As neighboring parties

Intuit nothing.

Whining dogs could be from

A raucous Paleolithic,

That reverberation, funneled, intact.




Being all information


Across Any medium.

Just as well,

Be it salvation

Or the sanction

To look.


Taking in reflected star light

Chiaroscuro on Dendrite tree tops

Where the smoke goes.

Light and Being bore

Incidental equivalence.



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