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3rd Cycle

so hot.

johanna kozma        nikia chaney


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 May 2014

February 2014



1st Cycle

Thank you for finding me.

Although this is a poetry journal. I'm sorry.

A J Urquidi

Stefan Karlsson

Laura V Rivera

R L Erica Zhang

Claire Kohne

1st Cycle

December 2013


it is too hot

It is Summer. A third Cycle is completed and we are gearing up for a print edition of Cycles 1, 2, and 3. After which, these Cycles will no longer be available on the World Wide Web. Oh my. It will be a sort of Apocalypse. A Circopolyse. It will be a sad transfer into a paper graveyard, a sort of electric drift from the purely symbolic to the Real. A transmigration into the confines of space and social demand that often render our bodies as marketable or appreciable commodities. Why oh why is this the way that all ebbing life must end, a birth into the imagination of the living.


Probably will happen end of Summer 2013, like August or something. So you can chill.

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