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You can visit the ONLINE CONTENT page to see some stuff, but the full Circle will be available for print this Fall at a zone of interest near you [DATE: SEPT 1, 2014]. Don't worry, It's going to be like 8 bucks or less.


You can probably get it for free if you just CONTACT US, (for once).


What are we talking ABOUT?


It is the end of Summer.  A third Cycle has set and we are in preparations for a print edition of Cycles 1, 2, and 3, after which, most of these texts will no longer be available on the World Wide Web.


Oh my.


It's like some sad transfer into a paper graveyard, a sort of electric drift from the purely symbolic to the Real, a transmigration into the confines of space and social demand that often render our bodies marketable and appreciable commodities.


[Why oh why is this the way that all ebbing life must end, a birth into the imaginations of  the living in three dimensions?]


Not even trying to be coy over here. This is happening. You can still read text in our Online Content. Hope you have a nice day.









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