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Anna Sew Hoy + Math Bass + Claire Kohne


Performed on March 17, 2013, produced by LAND: Nomadic Nights

and hosted by Human Resources.




Audience enters and gathers behind line.

They put their offerings at their feet.





We hang the picture. Anna holds it up, Claire stands back to see if it’s straight, and Math hammers it in.


Anna and Claire unwrap clay and lay out tarp straight. They whack clay into ball, rolling it off the tarp towards the mop bucket.




Math picks up mic, walks onto tarp, and sings, “California.”





Math brings tarp down from ladder.


A&C unfurl new tarp and place over old.


Claire gets Black Mountain from boxes to tarp and begins to throw small balls of clay around tarp.


Anna goes into crowd and hold up objects to be evaluated by Math.


Math says, “That’s nice,” or “That’s disgusting.”


Then Anna throws the objects onto the tarp. (E-waste/cords from our own pile may also be thrown onto tarp.)




Once enough stuff is on tarp, A&C roll small balls into

bigger ball, and Math makes a sound effect when big ball absorbs smaller ball or object: “Bloop. Bloop.”


A&C roll ball off tarp. HOLD.


Math walks onto tarp with mic and sings, “Horrible Dream.”






Math brings tarp down from ladder.


A&C unfurl new tarp and place over old.


A&C tie each other together with rope at the waist.


Claire gets Russian River clay from boxes to tarp. Anna rolls the other balls back onto tarp and gets extra e-waste as needed.


A&C cut the balls and blocks of clay into smaller chunks to create one large multi-colored ball.


As the ball is built, A&C roll it around the tarp to pick up the cords.


Big ball is placed in center of tarp. HOLD.


Math brings mic and sits on ball of clay. Math sings, “As Long As You Love Me.”





Math brings tarp down from ladder. Then Math stands on top of large ball of clay.


A&C unfurl tarp and drape over Math. Anna places terracotta pot on Math’s head. Claire reaches under tarp and hands mic to Math.


Math sings, “You Think You Know Me / You Don’t Know Me” two times, then “1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear 4th gear 5th gear Reverse.”


Anna and Claire stand on either side of Math and look into the audience.


When Math pauses, A&C walk to either side of the room, making the rope into a long taut line. A&C HOLD.


Math sings again.


Math pauses, while Anna and Claire switch places, cinching Math at the waist with rope.


Math sings again.


Then we hold, then break




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