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-1- 1st Cycle Poets are wordy, slippery, playful, mildly attractive after a few drinks, and interested in the city.


Tags: Hotel rooms, car rides, lost dogs, Nike Frees, and shock collars.


Opened Dec. 2013


AJ Urquidi is working toward his MFA in poetry from CSU Long Beach. He is an editor for American Mustard, a journal of poetry.  His poetry has been published in various online and print journals and his books include A Patterned Fragment.


Stefan Karlsson is an MFA candidate for UC Irvine. His poems have earned him the 2012 Fred Weld Herman Memorial Prize from The Academy of American Poets. His books include No Nothing.


Laura V Rivera is the founding editor of Circle. Her poems have appeared in several publications in print. Her books include Apartment Complex and You Will Close Your Eyes, an aesthetic hypnotism.


Claire Kohne is a performance artists, sculptor, and writer currently based in New Orleans. She has performed her work in Night Gallery, Machine Project, and with Los Angeles Nomadic Division.


RL Erica Zhang is a Literary Studies doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She studied Art and Creative Writing at UCLA.


-2- 2nd Cycle Poets are cerebral, elegant, visual, narcotic, resonant, and interested in words.


Tags: Mescaline, Meat, Sea, Gold Filigree, Machines in the Snow.


Opened Feb. 2014



Sarah Baker is an MFA candidate at Unviersity of Washington, Bothel. She writes and animates digital poetry and is currently an editor for Small Po[r]tions journal.


Jacob Eisenmann is an artist and a curator for underground gallery, The Shed in Beverly Hills.


Claire Hellar is originally from Papua New Guinea and has been published in various online and print journals.


Joshua Altamirano is a special education teacher in Monterrey, CA. His interests lie in film, magical realism, and California history. Circle is his first publication.


Lawrence Eby received an MFA from CSUSB. He is founder of Orange Monkey Publishing and has served as poetry editor for Ghost Town. His book, Flight of August, won the 2013 Louise Bogan Award. He is founding member of PoetrIE, writing collective in Inland Empire.


-3- 3rd Cycle poets are best served with a little PABST Blue Ribbon in the summer, against  a sunset that has just been missed due to some wild kinky sex in the back of a Mazda on your way to Vegas. The sun shall have its encore tomorrow, but you are too lazy and hung over to witness something that is magnificent and tragically consistent.


Tags: Kinky, Beer Pong, Icelandic Towns, Black Birds, Puerto Rican Exorcisms.


Opened May 2014



Nikia Chaney is an author of chapbooks, Sis Fuss (Orange Monkey Publishing) and ladies, please (Dancing Girl Press). She is founding editor of Shufpoetry, online journal of experimental poetry.


August Smith is a poet from Kalamazoo, MI, from Western Michigan University. His work has appeared in various journals, online and print.


Johanna Hedva makes performance, experimental theater, poetry, and books. Her work has been performed at the Hammer Museum, Southern Exposure, PERFORM! Now, Machine Project, and other locations. She is co-founder of the WHL Studio Reader series.


Travis Sharp is an MFA student at the University of Washington, Bothel. His writing has appeared in various journals. He is co-founder of Smal Po[r]tions and letter [r] press.


Keith J Varadi is an artist, writer, and curator based in L.A. He received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has exhibited his work in international venues and published primarily on the Internet.




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